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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do you get your Daycare information? Do you manage the daycares on your site?

A. Each listing is an advertisement paid for by the facility manager, who also manages the daycare. The facility manager provides all information for the ad. For further information about a specific daycare, please contact the facility manager directly using the information provided in the ad. Typically, you can find a name, phone number and fax number as well as an e-mail address for each daycare on our site.

Q. Can I get additional assistance in looking for a daycare?

A. was designed to be the easiest, most useful way to find a daycare online. And you always have access to our complete database of daycares. Once you've viewed a daycare online, you should contact the facility manager directly for further information. If you have a question about how to best use our site, please feel free to contact us at

Q. How often do you add daycares to your site?

A. We add daycares to our site daily. is expanding quickly to add more daycares in each city as well as enter new cities. So if you didn't find a daycare in your city, come back soon. We'll be there next!

Q. Which browser should I use to view

A. If you're on the Internet, we recommend Netscape Navigator 4.06 or Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.0 for best results. Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.02 works, but it can cause some minor layout problems. If you're on America Online (AOL) or Prodigy, you'll need to use Internet Explorer and you will be automatically upgraded to 4.0.

Q. Why can't I send e-mail to your site?

A. If you are using Netscape Navigator 4.x standalone browser, you need to install and have open your e-mail client software. Or you could install the complete Netscape Communicator Suite.

Q. What if I have trouble viewing the screens while I'm doing an daycare search?

A. Most likely, you're having a problem with your web browser configuration. Because our site uses so many graphics and photos, you should be using a graphics setting for your browser or use a graphics-based browser. Text-only browsers like Lynx will not be able to accurately represent our site.

Q. What if a black stripe appears down the middle of my screen?

A. This is caused by a bug in the Netscape Navigator's 3.01 browser on Windows NT. Since it is a Netscape bug, we cannot fix the problem. However, upgrading your browser should remove the problem. Please connect to Netscape's internet site for an upgrade. You may also have your resolution set too high: choose Start Menu/ Setting/ Control Panel/ Display. Click the setting tab and change the color palette setting to 32,768 colors instead of 16,777,216 to correct the problem.

Q. Why do I get a message about an "expired certificate" when I load a page with a video on it?

A. For IE to work, it needs to be IE3.02 or higher with Authenticode 2.0. Otherwise you will experience the "EXPIRED certificate error".

Q. I tried to use your web site, but all I'm getting is HTML code.

A. You are probably using Prodigy to view our pages. At this time, Prodigy does not support Java or other enhanced functionality. We recommend you view our site with Internet Explorer 4 or better, or Netscape 4 or better.

Q. Everytime I change to a new page, I get an error about 'cookies'.

A. You have enabled an option within your browser that will alert you every time a 'cookie' is about to be placed on your hard drive. A cookie is a way for a place you visit on the Internet to remember that you've visited the site and to retain some information about you, or which links you have viewed on the site. Cookies take up minute amounts of disk space, so accepting them will not cause you to run out of space on your hard drive. Cookies are used for convenience and are not harmful to your computer, they do not contain viruses, nor do they compromise the security of your computer.

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